Connecting Stories Through Crowd-Sourced, Transformative Art
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What is Livinwondr?

  • 1. Living in wonder Thriving in an environment of fascinating beauty.
  • 2. Live in wonder To live in desire and curiosity to learn.
  • 3. Living wonder A miracle and spectacle that is alive.

Livinwondr brings people together to create art and stories, builds transformative art for exhibitions, and presents interactive experiences to the public. It moves individuals from being passive observers to active creators, shaping their own communities through public actions.

Livinwondr is an expandable, mobile project that consists of an transformative structure formed from stainless steel (inox) tubes. The project calls for participants from local and transnational settings to contribute drawings, designs, comics, photographs, poems, messages, songs, or anything that sparks imagination. These contributions will be curated as engravings on the facets of the tubes and joined with connectors to comprise the larger sctructure. The sculpture as a whole can create a base for people to unite and engage under a public platform, architectural and exhibition frame, or performance space beyond conventional venues. The adaptable configuration makes it easy to scale the project for different cities and countries around the world, based on a community-inspired theme. Audiences can experience and explore the collected artworks and stories through their smartphones or tablets. The multiple platforms through which Livinwondr exists (place-based sculpture, website, digital story archive, videos, and workshops) serve to erase boundaries and inspire creativity.

Find out about the first Livinwondr project in Vietnam Click Here

Who can participate?

Anyone, from anywhere, is welcome to participate in Livinwondr by submitting artwork in the form of a design, story, song, or poem. The subject of the work can be anything relating or responding to the theme of each project. Please check out each project and its theme to participate.

Find out the THEME of our first Livinwondr project in Vietnam Click Here

What can we build together?

Submissions are engraved and connected to create an ever-expandable structure that can be reconfigured as multiple designs, functioning as a public platform, interactive sculpture, performance space, work station, etc. The strength of Livinwondr is its ability to transform and expand as more people participate in its creation.

Livinwondr is exhibited in public places. We collaborate with organizations and individuals to create projects that explore issues particular to each location. The aim is to rethink and re-appropriate local discourses in innovative ways.

Why we use engraving and stainless steel?


Etchings or engravings are among the first forms of preserved communication known to man, dating back to early cave markings.

Our engravings, in addition, are inspired by the bronze Dong Son drums found near the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam (600 BCE to 3rd-century CE). The designs on the drums consist of scenes of daily life in ancient times, reflecting an impulse of description and preservation as well as artistic talent.

Stainless Steel

Steel is a primary industrial material used to build and connect modern societies. It is the architectural backbone of contemporary development and communication. Stainless steel is a beautiful reflective material in which you can see yourself and the surrounding environment. It can withstand corrosion, staining, and rusting, therefore making it a desirable material to protect from weathering.

How does it work?

1. Submit an artwork and story that you’ve created, or download our template to start a new one.
2. Your artwork and story will be curated and shared in our digital gallery, “Discover.”
3. The artwork is connected to other engravings to build a larger sculpture.
4. The transformative art will be exhibited in public places worldwide, to allow for interaction and engagement.

Benefits as a participant

1. You can express yourself creatively.

2. You can be part of an inspiring art project.

3. You can share your work with a worldwide audience.

4. Your art and story are archived in our digital library.

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Livinwondr engages participants through transmedia, using multiple platforms to immerse audiences in
the project’s progression. It opens up possibilities for creativity, experimentation, and interaction.

Project Exhibition

Livinwondr creates projects for public exhibitions. Our first location is Vietnam - a city of social realist banners, cell phones, mopeds, and coffee shops.

Digital Gallery

Audiences can discover your art and story through our digital archive. It is accessible to everyone with a web connection, at any time.

Curated Theme

Your artwork and story have the chance to be curated as part of our transformative project for exhibition. Each project is rooted in a theme. Find out about our first theme in Vietnam.

Search Artworks

Find artworks and participants on your smartphone and tablet by entering a participant’s name.


Watch stories of participants and their art. Learn the meaning behind their work.


We organize activities and events for kids and adults to explore art and design, providing an opportunity for them to create their own Livinwondr.


Contribute to Livinwondr by donating or becoming our sponsor.