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  • The Pure Land

    The Pure Land

    Buddhist rituals and deities in Vietnam.
  • Never Forgotten

    Never Forgotten

    Dinh Mai Thu Trang, a designer and conservator, who has spent more than nine years with a group, The World Publisher, working on the book, "Do An Trang Tri My Thuat O Hai Den Vua Dinh Vua Le." Her purpose has been to preserve the historical designs and motifs of the two temples of King Dinh and King Le. The book functions as an archive also for artisans and craftsmen to reuse and rebuild some of these historic designs.
  • Mind Blast

    Mind Blast

    Livinwondr public art exhibition at Huflit University, Saigon, Vietnam on November 29th, 2015. Due to state regulation of cultural and social norms, Vietnamese citizens have limited education and exposure to modern and contemporary art practices from around the world. Livinwondr engaged with students at Huflit University to inspire, inform, and encourage new perspectives on contemporary public art.

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