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Art Blossom Kids Workshop

Art Blossom Kids Workshop

Published: March 03, 2016

Lvinwondr is excited to be collaborating with Blossom Art House in Hanoi on a workshop for kids, ages 9-13, to encourage and nurture their imagination. The workshop is hosted by Ms. Giang Le, founder and teacher at Blossom Art House.

 blossom 01

At the beginning of the workshop, Ms. Giang introduces the three interpretations of Livinwondr to the kids by showing them a video. They choose the definition, “to live in a place of beauty and admiration,” as a theme for their drawings.

  blossom 02

At first, they are a bit timid about their ideas, but eventually with encouragement from Ms. Giang and after group discussion with each other, they become more confident about what to draw.

 blossom 03

One of the students, thinking about her idea.

  blossom 04

Ms. Giang helps a student develop her idea.

 blossom 05

The kids present their ideas to Ms. Giang and fellow students.

 blossom 06

“The kids’ imaginations are amazing, and the most important role as an art teacher is to encourage and nurture them, not to shape them through any platform or system,” shares Ms. Giang.

(Click on the image to read the story behind each drawing)  


Where the Ladders End, Nguyen Vu Thai Tram, age 13.


Geometric City, Dong Nhu Ngoc, age 12.


City for Animals, Cao Ngoc Khue, age 12.